We built a complex e-commerce platform for a Lithuanian electronics retailer using the latest design and software development practices.


Building from scratch

With Novastar, we went through our regular steps for building a product: started with the MVP workshop and thorough analysis, followed by a full page design phase and iterative software development.

Design phase

Our designers let their creative juices flow, and along with the website design they also created a full CVI and brought to life the famous mascot of Novastar - Novanaut. When building digital products for a consumer market, it is really important to map out and test the user flows already in the design phase, before we start writing any code.

Online shopping as it should be – convenient, fast and most importantly trustworthy.

Intuitive user experience

The aim of the store design is to be as easy to use as possible. Staying simple and elegant, whilst keeping distractions to the minimum, allows customers to concentrate on the products.

Complex back-end

As Python is our back-end language of choice, we chose the Django Oscar framework, which is specifically built for elaborate e-commerce platforms and makes few assumptions about projects, allowing virtually any part of the framework to be extended and customised. In this way, complex business rules can be captured in an elegant and cohesive way.

External integrations

A modern e-commerce platform should allow for a fully automated process for the entire purchase lifecycle, reducing the overhead for business owners and employees. For that reason, we built Novastar with all the necessary integrations, including their product information management system and the Directo accounting software amongst others.

Easy payment options

After browsing and selecting products, the payment process needs to be smooth and fast.
Novastar has all the necessary payment options for a seamless purchase experience, including integrations with Paysera, Mokilizingas, etc.

Long-term partnership

We have been working together with Novastar through the entire process of bringing an e-commerce product to the market, from the initial analysis up to launching the product to the customers. After the successful launch and completion of the main features, Novastar has onboarded several in-house developers and has slowly taken over more and more of both the code and product ownership. At the same time, Thorgate remains a supportive partner to make sure everything continues to run smoothly and the technology stays in top notch condition.

Together with Thorgate we built a simple,
yet sophisticated e-commerce platform that customers love.

- Paulius Lingys, Country Manager