We’re here to change the world.
We’ll do it one industry at a time.

The fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) is upon us and replaces the inefficiencies of traditional automation using the IoT together with AI and other technologies.
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Our customers are large forest owners who use digital solutions to work more efficiently. We can help you do the same!
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We know how technology can take the healthcare industry to new levels enabling higher efficiency, enhanced services, new solutions, and more patient engagement.
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Our clients are disrupting financial markets and transforming into advanced digital enterprises. We can help you to do the same!
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Identifying, enabling and optimizing our clients’ e-commerce capabilities and opportunities in the digital channel.
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Smart cities
Our customers are 7 Estonian cities who use the intelligent street light platform we built. We can make your city also smart!
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We have been working hard to make logistics industry more efficient through innovation and game-changing digital solutions.
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