EPMK document management

Document management system for forest unions that transforms sawmill measurement data into acts and invoices.


Project overview

Transactions with the forest material include heaps of paperwork from reports and sales contracts to deeds of transfer. Eesti Puidumüügikeskus (EPMK) had at some point an option to increase the number of employees to handle it or to build the document management system that helps to automate it. We are proud that we were able to step in and craft one of the most advanced document management systems for timber industry.

Integration with ELVIS

EPMK document management system is integrated with Estonian e-waybill system for timber (ELVIS). ELVIS provides an opportunity to replace the mandatory paper-waybill with an electronic waybill, thereby significantly improving the exchange and quality of data transfer between timber trading parties.

Built for timber industry

EPMK document management system is tailored to meet timber industry needs.

Data collection

We automatically fetch timber measurement data files from sawmills, parse them and create acts. The same thing used to take several hours from the accounting department. Now it takes only a couple of minutes.

Scalable technology

EPMK document management is written in Python. It uses Django framework and PostgreSQL database. These technologies are used by Instagram and many other well-known apps.

Digital signatures

All created acts can be easily digitally signed by all the parties. No more hassling with papers - the whole timber transaction process is truly paper-feee.

Boost in productivity

EPMK document management software has helped Eesti Puidumüügikeskus to sell two times more timber with the same amount of people.


Thorgate knows exactly how the timber industry works.

- Einar Rannula, CEO of Eesti Puidumüügikeskus

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