MVP Workshop

Let us help you test your business hypothesis.
Find out if the idea makes money or not.


Start with an MVP

Minimum viable product (MVP) analysis is the first part of our digital product development process.

We carry out a professional product analysis workshop that usually lasts 2 days. Our experience shows that having professional digital product specialists on board helps you avoid potential mistakes later on in the product life cycle.

Minimum viable product workshops allow us to define the minimum features needed for the digital product and come up with a detailed scope document with user-flows and database architecture. This phase is always necessary before the design and development begins.

What is a minimum viable product (MVP)?

  • Minimum viable product (MVP) is the first live and usable version of your idea.
  • It has the minimum number of features and functionalities while still looking good enough for the end user.
  • The goal of an MVP is to test the business hypothesis and the engagement of the customer. MVP testing shows you if the idea brings in money or not.

How does it work?

We start off with a 2 day workshop that involves you and our specialists - designer, senior developer, product analyst and project manager. At this MVP workshop we analyse your product idea and create a strategy to make it a reality. Here’s where our expertise and knowledge comes into play as we help you choose the best route and best features to have for the MVP.

After the workshop our specialists create a detailed scope document that includes all of the user-flows and the full database architecture for the minimum viable product. With the scope document you can go to any product development agency and they will know where to start work.

The next step with us would be to fully design the product. After the design is confirmed with you the product goes to the development team.

So in short what do you get when you buy the MVP workshop?

  1. Two full days of workshop together with our specialists from design, development and project management
  2. Full product analysis (see an example in Estonian and another example in English)
  3. Product creation strategy
  4. Detailed scope document with user-flows and the database architecture.

The price of one day workshop is:

5000 EUR + VAT

The price of two day workshop is:

9500 EUR + VAT