Thorgate designed a data gathering and management platform to carry out drug repurposing through artificial intelligence (AI)


Project overview

Healx has the world’s most efficient AI platform for rare diseases. It makes drug discovery faster, smarter and more effective, and supports its team and partners in discovering and translating new treatments towards the clinic. The rare disease market suffers from high prices due to the small scale of the industry, being focused on small groups, the costs for investigation, drugs and medical procedures are astronomical. This is where Healx enters.

Our goal

In the first stage, it was agreed that instead of rushing into development, we’d ensure that the soon-to-be developed solution actually met the requirements from both the client and the end-users. So we started from scratch with a lean requirements workshop. Our first goal after that was to create a clickable prototype for vested parties to understand if such a platform would indeed add value in the existing rare disease research process.

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Agile Planning


The Success

Through the clickable prototype, we created a solution that was user-friendly, had a great interface, and was able to move the process from Excel sheets and joint messaging boards to a common platform. Now, armed with a visual interface of the final solution, the client was able to showcase the platform to the end-users before a single line of code was actually written at all.

The MVP process

Through detailed meetups, discussions and reviews, the client was able to verify on the actual end-users that the problems they aimed to solve could not be addressed by the platform they had planned to develop.


As an end result, the prototype that Thorgate created helped the client to verify that the planned big project would not be worth the time and money that had been planned to be invested there, at least not at this time.


Last but not least, working with the client, we were able to achieve this result with less than 1/10th of the total price tag of the planned project. Thanks to that, they were able to direct this money elsewhere to further enhance the rare disease research.

Thorgate really helped us structure our needs.

- Michael Motskin, Head of Digital Strategy at Healx