Thorgate improved TB-Safety factory programming software, transforming their initial solution into a more efficient and effective product.

Client Overview

TB-Safety AG is a renowned developer and producer of ventilation systems and full-body protective gear. They position themselves as not just a manufacturer but also a service and solution provider for various industries such as pharma/chemical, emergency services/hospitals, fire brigade, the army, and the nuclear industry. Through continuous interaction with clients, TB-Safety AG strives to fully understand the unique requirements of different client segments. This ongoing exchange provides invaluable insights for optimizing the products even further.

What we did

Thorgate was involved in the project after a Proof-of-concept (PoC) solution for a production management system was launched at one of its facilities. By working closely with the IT manager of the group and the general manager of the production facility Thorgate helped to refine the priorities for the next stages of the project to help to launch the minimum viable product (MVP) of the production management system. This involved improving the order management, process tracking, refining the user experience, and automating the shipping and reporting management.


Scalable Technology

The project was built on a robust tech stack, utilising Python and the Django framework in the backend and a React-based front end. Additionally, by reusing the Chakra UI components library already added to the project, its implementation received a comprehensive overhaul, cleaning up the dead code and unifying the overall logic to facilitate the seamless development of new features and upgrade its quality standard. By doing so, we ensured a more streamlined and efficient development process, while increasing the overall quality of the codebase.

tbsafety (1)

The Success

The collaboration between TB-Safety AG and Thorgate proved highly successful, resulting in significant improvements to TB-Safety's existing solution. Thorgate's expertise in project management and software development played a crucial role in refining the goals, scoping the features, and establishing realistic timelines. By aligning their efforts with TB-Safety's objectives, Thorgate enabled the achievement of tangible milestones within the agreed-upon timeframes. Furthermore, Thorgate's commitment to code quality standards elevated the codebase to a higher level, ensuring a more robust and maintainable solution. Through this collaboration, TB-Safety AG witnessed the transformation of their initial solution into a more efficient and effective product, enabling them to deliver tailor-made ventilation systems and protective suits with even higher self-confidence increasing the peace of mind for them, their employees and their customers.


I take the opportunity to thank Thorgate for your cooperation and support. We are very happy with the results we obtained!

- Daniela Greghi, General manager of the production facility