TXP Chat™ —maximising the gift of life

Organ transplant communication made easy. It’s the only secure, HIPAA-compliant communication system dedicated to the unique needs of Transplant Centers and Organ Procurement Organizations.


Project overview

TXP Chat is a secure mobile messaging application by OmniLife which is uniquely designed for the decentralised and complex communication inherent in organ referrals, offerings, allocation, procurement and transplantation. It is a faster and more modern alternative to fax. It is the first HIPAA-compliant communication platform built with a connected purpose.

The Impact

The window of time from when an organ is released from a donor to when it is transplanted is critical, and on average, more than 60% of donated hearts and lungs are thrown away every year. At the same time, 20 people die every day from the lack of available organs for transplant. Thorgate worked with the founders of TXP Chat™ to build a messaging app that helped save 21 lives in 2018 alone.

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What we did

In the first phase of development, Thorgate’s team reviewed and helped scope the initial app to be tested rigorously before its final release. Moreover, Thorgate’s experienced project teamtravelled to the clients’ location in the United States to work hand in hand with the local team to scope out industry specific requirements before launch. The work was organised in weekly Sprints that allowed for continuous development, eliminating any scope creep that would have proved detrimental to change-making ideas. One of the key requirements to bear in mind was HIPAA compliance, which in our case meant the following:

  1. No personal data is logged, and patient data is not stored in plain text
  2. All data is removed when the app is uninstalled
  3. Users are automatically logged out of the application after 8hours of inactivity
  4. Media files are stored in S3 and accessed via authorisation proxy.

As a result, TXP Chat™ could concentrate on the vital aspects of product development, while Thorgate took care of the details surrounding privacy and app security.

Scalable Technology

We helped set up the React Native Application, with backend code in node.js using typescript. We also pointed out the security issues, helped omnilife make the API for the chat application, offered product consultancy and the great UX of the mobile app.

The Success

While the success of all our projects is in the satisfaction of the client, some of our achievements in this project included having all data stored locally in the phone encrypted, hence using an encryption key. Also, after a certain period of inactivity the data is not logged anymore. To make the application both secure and efficient we included biometric authentication, as well as, kept the backend cloud secure. The entire development process was very agile. With most of the code base in react native, the client was able to reuse 60% of it when porting it over to the web. Moreover, we automated the releases for the client, which means they don’t have to manually build the app, go to google play and enter the metadata. Instead, they can just run a command for both android and iOS stores to update the App in the store.

Thorgate’s React Native skills are amazing!

-Eric Pahl, Co-founder & CTO of Health Tech Solutions

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