We are revolutionizing logistics industry and making freight paperless with the most advanced e-waybill software in the world.


Project overview

Waybiller is an e-waybill software that allows companies to transform from paper waybills to e-waybills. It means up to three to four times lower handling costs, much faster administration and less delivery and reception discrepancies. By moving to an electronic format, the three parties involved in each shipment (shipper, carrier, receiver) benefit from increased overall efficiency of logistics, resulting in increased economic competitiveness.

Input from industry specialists

Waybiller has been built together with the specialists from the largest Estonian road construction companies (eg Nordecon) and wheat growers (eg Kevili). It is also supported by the Road Administration of Estonia.

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Making freight paperless

Digital waybills mean much lower costs and greater transparency. Already 300+ companies have joined the revolution and this number is growing every day.

Real time overview

Information about shipment flows digitally and in real-time between every party. There is no paper handling and no need to enter waybill data manually to Excel file or to the accounting software.

Scalable technology

E-waybill software Waybiller is written in Python (front-end in React.js). It uses Django framework and PostgreSQL database. These technologies are used by Instagram and many other well-known apps.

Shipment monitoring

By using Waybiller's Android app users can monitor their shipment location at any time. We also save the route and attach it to the waybill. It is very easy to discover if the shipment has deviated from its route.

Boost in efficiency

Waybiller is already trusted by really large players in Estonian market (eg Nordecon, YIT and Kevili) and is looking for opportunities to expand abroad.


Thorgate helped us to replace paper waybills with e-waybills.

- Toomas Tensing, Logistics manager of Kevili