Veebimajutus is the leading hosting provider in Estonia. We are their main design and technology partner.

Startup know-how

Project overview

Veebimajutus has been in the market for 15+ years. They were born in an era when PHP was the most popular programming language. Today the world has changed and everything is no longer possible with just PHP. We gave them a helping hand and are currently converting their code into Python so that they can continue offering the most user-friendly hosting service in Estonia.

UX is the key

Veebimajutus is not just another hosting provider. Its mission is to offer the best user experience to their customers. We are really happy to share the same vision and are more than eager to be also part of this journey.

See the live project

No. 2 hosting provider in Estonia

Veebimajutus is currently the second biggest hosting provider in Estonia. We’re helping them become #1 in the Estonian market.

Not only coding

We not only write code for Veebimajutus, but also create AB tests, make UX better, give them business advice and try out different marketing strategies together. We are partners.


Our main effort has so far been focused on the webpage of Veebimajutus as this is their main sales channel. We have tested current features, made them better and easier to use, and also created new features.


We have also redefined their whole self-service system and are currently working on its architecture. New self-service is written in Python.


Increasing traction

Thorgate and Veebimajutus have been partners for more than one year so far. Within a year we have managed to increase their traffic by more than 39%. The goal for next year is to double this number!

Better conversion

Also conversion rate has been increasing, now more than 10% higher than it was before the beginning of our cooperation. There has been a lot of thinking, planning, and A/B testing going on behind the scenes.

Higher revenues

Increases in both traffic and conversion rate have caused a 25% increase in Veebimajutus’ revenues. It's great to see this number and it shows that we are on a right track.


We integrated Mixpanel analytics

There is a saying: "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it". It cannot be more true and thus we integrated the powerful analytics tool Mixpanel to Veebimajutus. Mixpanel helps to measure the success of every change on the page and ends a constant state of guessing.

The best Python developers you can find in Estonia.

- Margus Merilai, CEO of Veebimajutus