Thorgate developed the cloud-based software that makes lamps intelligent in 7 Estonian cities.


Project overview

Estonian company Gridens manufactures SmartGrid streetlights that help reduce energy consumption by up to 90% and maintenance costs by up to 50%. How can they do it? They offer smart LED luminaires that can be controlled via web application wherever you are. This web application is 100% built by Thorgate.

Major savings

Gridens streetlights are already used by more than 10 Estonian towns and they have saved hundreds of thousands of euros in energy costs. We are really happy that we can be part of making the world greener place to live.

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Smart streetlights

Gridens' web app provides a totally new dimension for streetlights—features that save both time and money.

Energy profiles

It's possible to create energy profiles via web app. For instance, from 10PM to 7AM all streetlights on certain streets will be dimmed by 70%. This significantly reduces energy costs.

Automatic dimming

The web app also creates an opportunity to configure sensors. For instance it's possible to turn on lamps automatically if there is a movement around the lamp and then turn them off again if there is no movement.


We also send e-mail and SMS notifications if something happens with the lamp (e.g. it breaks). Thus web app reduces maintenance costs as you do not have to go and check lamps periodically.

Great features are backed by great technology

Ember.js for front-end

We decided to choose Ember.js for this project. Ember is a great front-end framework for complex web applications as it helps to keep structure. It also makes UI responsive and pleasant to use.

Django for back-end

We decided to write Gridens' web app in Python and on the Django framework. Both have been used to create scalable solutions. For example, Instagram is also written in Python and Django.

Built for global scale

We didn't build Gridens' web app just for Estonia, but planned it to be global from the beginning. If you are interested in having energy-efficient lamps in your city, please contact

Thorgate made our lamps intelligent.

- Reino Villand, CEO of Gridens