Timber inventory management

Timber has been the main export article for Estonia for a long time. We’ve made this traditional industry more efficient by developing a software for processing an ongoing inventory of timber.


Project overview

We have actually created two similar projects: Metsaladu for Artiston and Vaheladu for Eesti Puidumüügikeskus. Both products help managers to keep an eye on wood while it moves from forest to sawmill or ship. Managers can now see in real time how much wood is still in the forest, how much is cut by harvesters, how much is transported out by forwarders, how much is in intermediate storage, and how much is on the way to the end storage.

Integration with ELVIS

Both Metsaladu and Vaheladu are integrated with Estonian e-waybill information system (ELVIS). ELVIS provides an opportunity to replace the mandatory paper-waybill with an electronic waybill, thereby significantly improving the exchange and quality of data transfer between timber trading parties.

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Designed for timber industry

We included several forest owners into the design and development process to craft products that the timber industry really needs.

Extensive UX testing

We sketched the design and tested it extensively on all the user groups using the software. We gave them different tasks and observed how they use it. It gave great insights for UX.

Scalable technology

Both Metsaladu and Vaheladu are written in Python. They both use Django framework and PostgreSQL database. These very technologies are used by Instagram and many popular apps.

API for developers

We have also created an API for Vaheladu, so that other applications - Metsahaldus, for example - can integrate with it.

User experience (UX) is the key.

Using Invision (www.invisionapp.com) we were able to identify UX problems before writing a single line of code.

Widely used software

Almost all of the biggest Estonian forest owners now use Vaheladu, including Stora Enso and Valga Puu. Metsaladu is currently used by Artiston and their business partners.


Ready for global expansion

Both Metsaladu and Vaheladu are currently used by Estonian companies, but they are also ready for global use. If you think you need this kind of software, then just contact us via tallinn@thorgate.eu.

Great investment opportunity

Both Vaheladu and Metsaladu are ready to take on investors. If you are interested in such kind of technology, then contact us via tallinn@thorgate.eu to learn more about the opportunity.

Thorgate knows exactly how the timber industry works.

- Einar Rannula, CEO of Eesti Puidumüügikeskus

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