Green Marine

Helping to digitalize waste management processes


Client overview

Green Marine is a waste management company mainly focused on recycling waste material coming from the Port of Tallinn harbors, various ships as well as having the capability to respond rapidly to a marine pollution incident and help to eliminate it. In addition, with the network of smart garbage containers, the clients can be sure that the containers are emptied exactly if and when needed and no trips are made in vain. Lastly, as a custom-developed process in a special waste management facility, the collected hazardous oil-containing liquids such as crude oil, liquid fuel and other similar waste is re-refined into a reusable resource - a fuel additive that can be sent back into the market.

Project overview

Green Marine’s Operations Management System (OMS) was in need of some tender loving care (TLC), during which the Python-based project was technically upgraded and new features were added. These changes were mostly directly tied with the overall larger process of simplifying the accounting-related processes. For that, in the scope of this project, an integration between the system and the accounting platform (Microsoft Dynamics 365) was made in order to automatically synchronize the data between the two systems.


The project’s overall timeline extended way beyond the first impressions. From one side, taking the time required to properly map out the necessary flows and logic helped to ensure that the business processes were in alignment with the accounting needs. Secondly, as the cooperation progressed, more and more opportunities for digitalization and automation were identified.

The 3 main victories

  • In cooperation with the Green Marine and the Thorgate team, the core business needs were effectively translated into functional and technical requirements helping to avoid costly mistakes throughout the whole project.

  • Regular check-in’s and talking though the user flows helped to detect opportunities for standardization, digitalization and improving the overall user experience.

  • The technical upgrades increased the overall project security and added new features into the toolbox thus making it easier to add new functionality.

“The cooperation with Thorgate has left a positive impression and we are very satisfied with the work and the quality that was delivered”

- Tanel Ritser, IT and Quality Manager