React is one of the most popular Javascript frameworks these days. We’ve been using React for 4+ years because of its efficiency and simplicity.


Why should you build your solution with React?

React.js is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces

Exceptional when it comes to speed

React uses Virtual DOM that makes the app fast. The idea of Virtual DOM allows React to know when exactly to re-render or when to ignore some specific pieces of DOM because it can detect when the data has changed. A UI that reacts promptly is crucial in enhancing the user experience.

Using React we built an extensive e-shop for Coop that is currently clearly the fastest e-shop compared to its competitors. Coop has more than 400 physical shops all over Estonia and now they sell more than their largest supermarkets also via their e-channels.

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Create interactive UIs painlessly

React allows us to write apps within JavaScript. JSX is one of the greatest features that not only makes React easy, but fun too. We can easily make a new UI feature and see it appear in real time. It brings HTML directly into the Javascript.

Using React we automated the whole factory for Krah Pipes. Now production planning, cooling station operations, quality control and reporting are all digital and also extremely interactive. Running the factory is now easier than it has ever been.

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Krah Pipes

React is component-based

Components allow us to break down complex UI. The idea of components is what makes React unique. Instead of worrying about the entire web app, it makes it possible to break the complex UI/UX development into simpler components.

Using React we built Vaheladu - the first logging management solution in Estonia. Vaheladu has to be able to handle millions of queries and hundreds of thousands e-waybills every month and it manages all of it really well.

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The learning step is not so steep

For a new developer to get started with React, the learning step is less steep compared to other Javascript frameworks (eg Angular). One only needs to get familiar with JS and HTML in the case of React.

Also one of the most promising startups in cleantech - CleanCapital - has decided to partner up with Thorgate and use React. We have helped them with building the leading edge platform that enables them to diligence and manage renewable energy portfolios efficiently.

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Thorgate is a quality engineering team that helped us quickly stand up our MVP. The platform is now in use by the largest asset management firm in the world. Thorgate engineers always ask the right questions (why does the business process work this way) in order to build the best solution.

- Marc Garrett, CTO at CleanCapital

Thorgate helped my startup with IT development. I would definitely recommend Thorgate as development partner.

- Kalev Külaase, CEO at Like a Local Guide

Our technology stack

We are strongly technology focused, thus we can confirm that we are the best React.js developers in the area ready to help you

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Ivar Merilo

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Ivar is the co-founder of Thorgate and the leading React.js expert in Estonia. Since founding Thorgate in 2011, he has helped several small, medium and large corporations to automate their process, improve efficiency, quality and agility. If you want to know more about React.js, send Ivar an email.

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