We designed and developed an online grocery shopping service for the largest Estonian grocery retailer.


Project overview

Our client Coop is the largest Estonian grocery retailer with more than 400 shops around the country. The client needed a convenient and modern platform to provide clients with the option of ordering food directly to their door. We designed and developed the end-user interface for customers as well as backend logistics for the shops.

Single page app

Today, eCoop is the only Estonian online grocery shop solution that has been built as a single page application. We developed the front-end for the project to ensure the interface was extremely fast, responsive and convenient to use through React.js technology.

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The easiest way to order your groceries online

Choose products

Our design team embraced the challenge of creating the shopping interface to be as simple to use as possible. As a result, the customer can explore products and select a time slot for home delivery in less than 2-3 minutes.

Pay online

To offer the best experience for all Estonian shoppers, we integrated links for all of the main Estonian banks and credit cards. We achieved this through use of Maksekeskus.

Wait for the delivery

We arranged for the customer’s chosen products to be delivered directly to their door throughout Estonia. We achieved this through use of Omniva package delivery service.

Integrations with other services

We created the shop to be a fully custom-built interface, which allowed Coop to benefit from it’s unique purpose. We designed numerous integrations with Coop’s own systems including their product information, discount card, payment systems and more.

Python/Django backend

To achieve complete stability under heavy traffic and at scale, we used Python and Django as the main backend engine including Celery for handling asynchronous tasks and Redis for optimising data structure.


Create your own shopping lists

To ensure a simple and straightforward shopping experience, we created a custom shopping list feature. There are several shopping lists available, composed by well-known nutritionists. Customers can also create their own personal shopping lists to use later.

Ordering food via eCoop is just as easy as doing taxes in Estonia.

- Jaanus Vihand, CEO of Coop Estonia