Estonian athlete Mikk Meerents and millions of other athletes know how difficult it is to find sponsors. We created Sportlio to solve this.

Startup know-how

Project overview

IT-startups are built with passion. Estonian athlete Mikk Meerents had passion and we added the startup know-how to it. Ivar was the main IT project manager from the Thorgate side. He did weekly meetings with the customer and and helped him with product development. Within a couple of months Mikk managed to get initial funding for the project and the first version of the idea was up and running.

Built for global scale

We did not build Sportlio just for Estonian market, but planned it to be global from the very beginning. It now includes profiles of athletes from all over the world.

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Facebook for athletes

The main idea of Sportlio was to create online athlete profiles where athletes can share their achievements, write updates and collect fans - all to find sponsors.

MVP in 48 hours

It took us 48 hours to think out the minimum viable product (MVP), sketch it and code it. Its main goal was to test whether athletes start creating their profiles, share achievements and write updates.

Beta launch

We launched Sportlio in September 2014 in Estonia. Soon after that local news portals found it, broadcasted it and within a couple of months we had more than 300 profiles created by athletes.


We are now working on customer validation to make Sportlio better for athletes. It includes asking for feedback from athletes, closely monitoring key performance indicators, creating A/B tests, and so on.


Increasing traction

As of today there are more than 1000 athletes from more than 20 countries who have already created their profiles on Sportlio and these numbers are increasing every single day.

Well-known athletes

Several well-known world-class athletes have created their profiles on Sportlio, like Gerd Kanter, Marko Albert, Risto Mätas and so on. They help us to make Sportlio the best tool for athletes to find sponsors.

Scalable technology

We decided to write Sportlio in Python and on the Django framework. Both have been used to create scalable solutions. For example, Instagram is also written in Python and Django.


Graphs show records evolving over time

Looking for team members

Sportlio is constantly looking for team members: IT developers, business developers, and marketers. If you share our vision, then feel free to join the team. Send your CV and motivation letter to

Great investment opportunity

Sportlio is also ready to take on investors. If the idea touches you and you have some spare funds that you would like to invest, then contact us via to learn more about our business model.

Thorgate brought my idea into reality.

- Mikk Meerents, CEO of Sportlio