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The most popular mobile parking solution in Estonia. Carefully designed by Thorgate, skillfully built by Applaud.

In cooperation with Applaud

Project overview is one of the most used mobile apps in Estonia, with nearly 50 000 active users. It allows users to pay for parking via their smartphones and the cost is added to customer's next phone bill. Estonian mobile development company Applaud was developing it and asked for our help with iOS design. We happily helped them.

Meets iOS design guidelines is carefully designed by taking into account iOS design guidelines. This is why it's so neat, clear, and feels exactly like everything else made by Apple.

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Seamless design

There are no redundant features. No empty areas. Just a seamless design.


Everything within reach

As the iPhone got bigger, we enhanced design to be easily used on larger screens.


Tested on real users

We conducted UX tests on real users and iterated, iterated, iterated.

Designed with Sketch

We designed in Sketch. It's a great lightweight design tool that helps work better, faster, and produces better results. It's also really developer-friendly and made Applaud smile.

Tested using Invision

For UX tests, we used a great tool: Invision. Invision allows you to upload your designs and make them clickable, thus giving the feel of a real app. It makes pitfalls easy to find early in the design phase.

Approved by users

We are really happy that has gained so many active users. It makes us feel certain that we have created something amazing. Mobile parking is not what it used to be in Estonia - it's easier than ever before.

Thorgate did an excellent job of updating our visuals for iOS 7.

- Joonas Trussmann, CEO of Applaud