We helped Isekallur launch a new SaaS solution - AYREN. It helps digitise the process of renting out machinery in the construction sector.

Client Overview

Isekallur OÜ specialises in direct-to-consumer sales and transport of aggregates and soil and offers rental service to some of their own machinery; more on that later. In day-to-day business, the clients of Isekallur enjoy the comfort of a fully digital ordering system to conveniently receive the selected materials directly from the manufacturer to their doorstep at the specified time. Within the framework of this project, with the acquired know-how from the Isekallur journey, a foundation was laid for platform. This new web-based construction equipment rental and management is built with a Global-first approach to improving operational efficiency and accuracy in construction planning for both equipment owners and end-customers.

How Thorgate helped

With Isekallur, Thorgate started with a PoC for the new AYREN (Automating Your Rental Equipment Network) platform. This was later expanded to an MPV tested with a limited set of users. Based on the initial tests, the MVP was formed into the first stable release. The primary goal throughout the cooperation was to get something into the hands of the actual B2B customers as quickly and effortlessly as possible and to expand the solution from there. The core of the solution's architecture is in the business logic of the system and its associated data models. The goal from the start was to build an API-first solution which meant creating a well-documented and extensive API that could be used directly and via the user interface. The result was a generic MVP with a well-thought-out architecture, preceded by a function-oriented UX/UI design.


Scalable Technology

Right from the start, scalability was a key consideration for the project. To achieve this, Thorgate implemented all the business logic on the backend, which runs on Django and Django Rest Framework. The backend is accessible through an API documented using a detailed open API schema. We created the user interface of the application using React. The interactive user interface combines every system capability B2B users use to integrate their system with AYREN, ensuring that when external code triggers, the automated process consumes the same API and behaves the same way for the human user.

By automatically generating the open API schema from the code, Ayren ensures that companies integrating with it will always have accurate and up-to-date documentation and specifications. API versioning is also in place to prevent any negative impact on existing consumers, allowing for the introduction of breaking changes.

The technologies in the backend allow for system scaling in case of a load increase. Docker runs the Python code, and the nginx server acts as a load balancer, potentially allowing to scale the project horizontally. PostgreSQL used as the database engine, enables the system to handle increased data and spread the load between replicas. These measures ensure the system architecture remains relevant throughout the project's lifetime.

Isekallur managers

The Success

Before, customers had to spend a lot of time searching for the best prices and reliable service providers by browsing simplistic websites and comparing various classified portals. Ordering materials like sand or crushed stone through an e-store and paying for it on the spot was a far-off idea five years ago, but now it's a commonplace for all Isekallur clients. With the new AYREN platform, heavy equipment or a construction company can streamline the process of renting the necessary machinery at the click of a button, allowing it to maximise its productivity even if not used by the company itself, thus saving time, money and effort.


As digital technologies continue to advance, there is a desire to moderne the paper-based sector with 21st-century solutions. Isekallur has already taken steps to digitise this industry, and with AYREN, we aim to expand our reach to the global heavy equipment and construction sector.

- Erik Mesikäpp, co-founder and CEO of Isekallur and AYREN