It’s time to party! No, better yet, let’s go to the theater, the opera and then to the club! Managing your ticket systems has never been easier.


Entertainment is your business and we are the solution

Quick history lesson: Thorgate was born out of a digital event management and ticketing tool called GateMe. We’ve been helping businesses manage events since 2011. Our system has over 17 million guests listed and over 1500 venues served.

There’s no question that our development team has crazy amounts of experience with the serving event management industry. Because of that we found that we have to give even more to the industry and share this experience with the entertainment companies that need digital solutions to their business problems.

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Case study: GateMe, the event management tool for professionals

GateMe, the world’s most advanced digital event management and ticketing tool. GateMe is for both the guests and the venues. GateMe Pro, which is for the venues, allows you to digitally manage events online through the browser or via an app on your tablet or mobile.

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GateMe for guests

GateMe Pro for venues


If GateMe is not already the solution for you then let us know. We can provide all of the following and more:

  • Fully custom design
  • UI/UX that doesn’t leave you or your customers confused
  • 100% mobile friendly
  • Custom built framework to satisfy your needs
  • Ticket management systems
  • Integrating all the software that you need
  • Lightning fast reaction times
  • Whatever else you need – we’ll build it

What could we do for you?

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