Marimo Fashion

Marimo creates high-end and top-quality fashion. We designed their new website to reflect this quality.


Project overview

Marimo Fashion is an Estonian fashion brand that is crafted by young Estonian designer Mariliis Soobard. She was dreaming of a website that presents her brand as high-end and Thorgate offered its helping hand. We designed their website, tested it on real customers, developed it, and are now constantly improving it to bring better sales results.

Increased sales numbers

We not only designed and developed Marimo's website, but have also been testing and measuring constantly its UX. Through minor improvements on their website we have managed to significantly increase Marimo's sales numbers.

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Built on Mezzanine CMS

We decided to write this website in Python programming language and on Mezzanine CMS. Why Mezzanine? Because it's labelled as the best Django CMS.


Mezzanine CMS is more secure than Wordpress CMS and thus you can be certain that your website will not get hacked (unless you reveal your password to someone).


Mezzanine CMS has only those features and menus that you need for your website. Thus, you do not have to wander through a jungle if you just want to change the background of one of your subpages.

Easy to use

Carefully designed UI & UX has made Mezzanine CMS one of the best Python-based CMS systems available that is used by many well-known companies, like Mozilla and Google.

Fully responsive website

More and more people browse websites via their smartphones nowadays. Thus its vitally important to have a responsive website and Marimo Fashion is no exception.

Designed with Sketch

We designed Marimo Fashion in Sketch. It's a great lightweight design tool that helps work better, faster, and produce better results. It's also really developer-friendly and made our developers smile.

Tested using Invision

For UX tests, we used a great tool: Invision. Invision allows you to upload your designs and make them clickable, thus giving the feel of a real app. It makes pitfalls easy to find early in the design phase.

I dreamed of a beautiful website. Now it's a reality.

- Mariliis Soobard, CEO of Marimo Fashion