Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.

We're building a business which is fun, always evolving and run by our creativity and passion.

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- Michael Jordan

All great things start with passion

Combining the best work practices from startups and corporations, we have developed our own unique way of working. We choose projects very carefully and always leave time for developing our own products and services. Passion is built deeply into both our product and business development processes.

Available positions

We are always open for the bright fellows and experienced hackers to join our team. Currently we are looking to fill the following positions:

Senior Developer

You are the right person to join us if you are a great team player and:
  • You have proven most of the world problems to be solvable with Python
  • You have solutions not excuses
  • Your driving force is the passion towards the things you are doing
  • You believe honest & transparent feedback to be the basis of great teamwork and you enjoy it
  • You celebrate even the smallest victories and value the people around you

System Architect

You are the right person to join us if you are a great team player and:
  • You love solving challenging problems
  • You are enthusiastic and willing to learn
  • You are interested in different web technologies
  • You are familiar with the Zen of Python
  • You read TechCrunch and are not afraid of Google

Didn’t find good position for yourself?

Contact us via iwannajoin@thorgate.eu

Cookie for headhunters

You know someone, who’s fantastic in programming or in business development? Let us know! If this rock-star will join us then you will be rewarded with 1000 euros.