The future is now. Automated lights that know when to turn themselves on or off. Smart transportation systems that help to clear traffic jams.


If you can think it, we can make it

Smart cities securely integrate Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and IoT technologies to manage the infrastructure and processes that operate within cities.

Thorgate is experienced in making cities smart. We’re passionate in making people’s ideas into a reality. Also, if you don’t have any ideas but have a strong need to solve a problem then don’t worry – we’ll find the best way to make it happen. If you still not sure that we’re the one to choose then check out our case study with Gridens.

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Case study: Gridens

With Gridens we created energy-efficient street lights with cloud-based software that makes these lamps intelligent.

Our client in this case study is an Estonian company that manufactures SmartGrid streetlights that help reduce energy consumption by up to 90%. These, together with the Thorgate powered control interface and smart phone app to assist with installation and maintenance also reduces maintenance costs by up to 50%.

Read more about Gridens and smart street lights


Truth be told there are a lot of ways to make todays solutions more efficient and smarter. If you don’t know what you need then we can find it for you.

  • Creating automated systems that work 24/7
  • Reducing paperwork
  • Creating energy efficiency
  • Reducing cost
  • Free up necessary time

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