The fourth industrial revolution – or Industry 4.0 – is upon us and replaces the inefficiencies of traditional automation using the Internet of Things together with artificial intelligence and other technologies.


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Adapting Industry 4.0 standards to your business is a huge investment towards the future. The efficiency gain is large enough that, in a few short years, the adoption of technologies such as the IoT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and cyber-physical computing will be a matter of survival for many companies.

Our team is ready to help you with the upgrade to Industry 4.0 standards. We’ll find the best way to succeed in making your work more efficient and cost-effective.

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Case study: Smart Factories – Krah Pipes

Our client in this case study is an Estonian manufacturer of construction pipes. Their Flexible Krah-technology allows one to design and manufacture custom pipe configurations or even one single section of pipe. Thorgate wrote software to help optimize their scheduling and logistics plus automate their quality control systems.

Previously, Krah pipes used enormous Excel tables that often broken because the complicated nest of embedded formulas was inflexible and did not allow for human error. What we did for them revolutionized their work.

Solutions for Krah Pipes that could be yours

  • Live update of client orders
  • Live overview of the schedule; schedule tracking
  • Manual and automatic upfront planning
  • Time plan blockers and automatic planning rules
  • Reviewing production and revision history
  • Configurable tools and production times
  • Cancellations and automatic adjustments when orders change
  • Reports: time, material, faults per pipe segment and per employee
  • Prognosis: time, material, consumption
  • Quality assurance input and evaluation
  • Automatic detection and/or measurement of production faults

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