Mankind has used earth’s resources for quite some time. Forests gave us shelter and provided all that we used to need. Today, although an old-timer, forestry is an integral part of our economy.


Did you shout TIMBEEER!?

Our experience in helping businesses that work in forestry is vast. This comes in handy when our customers need practical solutions to help bring the industry to a new level. The timber industry has a business logic behind it which is one of a kind. It’s well-kept and it isn’t really common knowledge.

Trust us, we know how hard it is to find an IT partner that understands the timber business. We, as a digital product agency, have a whole team specialized and experienced in this area. We’ve learned from our forestry partners and we know what you’re talking about.

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Case study: taking timber inventory management to the next level

Timber has been the main export article for Estonia for a long time. We’ve made this traditional industry more efficient by developing a software for processing an ongoing inventory of timber.

We have actually created two similar projects: Metsaladu for Artiston and Vaheladu for Eesti Puidumüügikeskus. Both products help managers to keep an eye on wood while it moves from forest to sawmill or ship. Managers can now see in real time how much wood is still in the forest, how much is cut by harvesters, how much is transported out by forwarders, how much is in intermediate storage, and how much is on the way to the end storage.

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  • Fully custom design
  • UI/UX that doesn’t leave you confused
  • 100% mobile friendly
  • Creating workflows that work
  • Timber inventory management systems
  • Total EXIT from Excel and paper-based solutions
  • Integrating all the software that you need
  • Lightning fast reaction times
  • Whatever else you need – we’ll build it

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