Buying or selling goods and services online is the new standard. Whether you want to join the train or be left behind is a not a question anymore – if you want to beat the game you already have to be in it.


You can’t catch the train. You have to be on it.

Creating an online with a few clicks and small adjustments is super easy nowadays. There are multiple providers on the vast ecommerce platform market that offer a beautiful and simple solution that solves all the problems for a small business owner.

We don’t offer that kind of ecommerce solutions. We’re here to help the bigger players already dominating their market. We’re here to help you take the next step with a fully custom online store that solves all your needs and earns you money for years to come.

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Case study: eCOOP – the largest grocery retailer in Estonia

We designed and developed an online grocery shopping service for the largest Estonian grocery retailer. Our client Coop is the largest Estonian grocery retailer with more than 400 shops around the country.

The client needed a convenient and modern platform to provide clients with the option of ordering food directly to their door. We designed and developed the end-user interface for customers as well as backend logistics for the shops.

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  • Fully custom design for your online store
  • UI/UX that doesn’t leave your customers confused
  • 100% mobile friendly
  • Custom built framework to satisfy your needs
  • Inventory management systems
  • Integrating all the software that you need
  • Lightning fast reaction times
  • Whatever else you need – we’ll build it

What could we do for you?

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